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Dear customer, it is better to use the form below to follow up or ask about the order. But if you want to send an email directly, to speed up the response, please mention the order number (follow-up) in your email. Please enter the information in English if possible.

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    Dear user, if you have any questions or ambiguities, please refer to the FAQsection before sending an email or calling NURANIZ, and if you do not find your answer,

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    Note that 09351102652 is the only number through which Nuraniz Store sends SMS to its users and customers. Therefore, sending any text message under the name of Nuraniz Store with any other number is a violation and abuse of the name of Nouraniz store, and if you receive such a text message, please inform [email protected] for legal action.


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    Address: Unit 143, Positive Floor 1, Golshan Armitage Tower, Haft Tir Blvd., Mashhad

    Store hours: from 10 to 23

    Support: 09359532317

    Management phone: 09351102652

    Store phone: 05138335197

    Email: [email protected]