Internet payment


While respecting the privacy of users, users can pay for their order online through the internet portal when registering an order, in order to purchase, register or use some features of the information website. Successful payment of the fee is the final registration of this payment for the order and then a text message is sent to the user stating the successful registration of the order and there is no need to notify the payment of the order and the order automatically enters the preparation and sending process.

It should be noted that online payment creates priority and speeds up the processing of users’ orders.


When ordering, you can select online payment and enter your payment information after entering the portal.


To pay online you need to;


– Card number (16-digit number on the ATM)

– The second password of the card (for online payment, you must have already activated the second password (online purchase password) of your bank card.

To activate the online shopping password, you can go to the ATM of your card issuing bank, enter your card and select the password operation section. Then, in the second password or Internet password, select your password.

– CCV2 (a 3 or 4 digit code that is inserted on the back or on the bank cards and is used as a security code in online payments)

– Expiration date (the expiration date of the bank card is engraved on it. If there is no expiration date on your card, you can use the number 12 instead of the month and 99 instead of the year of expiration of the card.)