Answers to frequently asked questions
1- How can I register my order?

You to place an order and buy from Nouraniz store | Nourani’s After selecting the desired product, add it to the shopping cart and complete the online shopping process in order.

To register an order, you must register on the site or complete the registration process while purchasing. Please enter your contact information and email correctly so that you can be aware of order registration and sending steps.

Please note the following when registering your order and buying clothes or accessories:

Make sure the color, model, size and other specifications of the product.

Make sure you have the correct address for receiving the goods.

Make sure of the number of goods and the final amount of the order.

Your order is now registered!

After registering the order, you will receive an SMS containing the order code and also your purchase invoice will be sent to your email. Through your profile, the “My Orders” section, you can be informed about your online shopping.

2- Can I register my order without registering on the site or having an account?

No, you must have an account to place an order on Nourani’ To do this, click on the registration section on the site and create your account.

By subscribing to Nourani’ store, you will experience enjoyable online shopping and enjoy its benefits.

you can:

– Buy fast and simple.
– Easily follow your purchase process.
– View your purchase records.
– Add the product you like to your favorites list.
– Share your opinion, review with others.
– Be aware of special sales, discounts and daily prices of goods and always be one step ahead of others!

To the Nooraniz family | Welcome to Nourani’s!

3- How can I be sure of the selected size before placing an order?

On the page of each product, including men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories and shoes, there is a section as a size guide. By clicking on the “Size Guide” you can choose the right size according to the brand of that product.

4- Can I change or cancel the order after registering it?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to change it after the final confirmation of the order. If you want to cancel or change your order, please contact the after-sales service, they will definitely guide you.

5- How can I follow up my orders and be informed of their status?

Nooraniz Store Nourani’s will notify you of your order status step by step by sending an SMS.

You can also log in to your account and be notified of their status in the “My Orders” section.

Note that all text messages from Nouraniz store | You will receive Nourani’s with Nourani numbers | Will be Nourani’s and any receiving SMS (SMS) from another number with the title Nourani | Nourani’s is considered a violation and please report it to Digistyle if you receive a message.

You can follow your online shopping with ease!

6- Can I buy it for someone else from Nouraniz store | Buy Nourani’s and have my order delivered to that person?

Yes, you can enter the address and details of the recipient of the order by selecting “Add New Address” while registering the order when you reach the “Shipping Information” step. Note that if the order amount is paid online, the recipient of the order must have an ID card upon delivery.

You can give a valuable gift to your friends and loved ones by buying clothes, accessories, bags and shoes from Nourani’!

7- Can I place my orders on holidays and midnight?

You can place your orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even on holidays.

8- Is it necessary after registering the order to ensure its correctness with Nooraniz store | Call Nourani’s?

No, after ordering, you will be notified of all the steps via email and SMS, and after-sales service experts will contact you if necessary.

Shop online and be informed about all the steps of your order from registration to sending!

9- Can I register my order by phone?

No, in order to make a quick and easy purchase and timely delivery of orders to dear customers, online shopping is provided for you, which can bring you a heartwarming and unique shopping experience.

Shop online and be informed about all the steps of your order from registration to sending!

10. If my purchase is for someone else, will the purchase invoice also be sent to the recipient?

In the order information step, the phrase “Do you want the invoice to be sent with this order?” It will appear that if you do not want the invoice to be sent with the package, you must select the No option. Note that the electronic purchase invoice will be sent to you via email for information.

Nourani’ fashion and clothing store has tried to consider your needs and expectations!

the payment
1- How can I pay for my purchase?

All dear customers of Nourani’ fashion and clothing store can pay for their purchase through the internet portal and using all bank cards that are members of Shetab network. Also for your well-being, Nouraniz store | Nourani’s has made it possible to pay on the spot and deposit card to card to the card number announced on the website. For more detailed information, please refer to the Payment Methods page.

You can shop any way you like, but we recommend shopping online!

2- Which bank cards can I use to pay for my online shopping?

You can pay for your purchase online using all bank cards that are members of the Shetab network.

3- What are the conditions and restrictions for on-site payment?

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to pay on the spot for all regions of the country. Also, if the number and amount of your order is higher than a certain amount, you will be informed by customer affairs and they will guide you.

4- What should I do if the online payment is unsuccessful and the amount is deducted from my account?

Sometimes, during online payment, the banking network may be interrupted or for other reasons, the payment may fail. Usually in this case your money is in the middle accounts of the bank and the bank itself resolves the discrepancy and returns that amount to your account. If the deducted amount is not returned to your account after 72 hours, contact the online payment agent bank to resolve the discrepancy.

5- Can I pay for my order in installments?

No, this is not possible at the moment.

6- Is online payment safe at Nourani’

We have tried to design online payment in a way that is safe and convenient. However, you do not just have to buy from the online clothing store Nouraniz | Nourani’s but when making any online payment, to ensure the security of your payment, observe the following points.

By viewing the Address Bar in your web browser, make sure that the secure https protocol is used instead of the http protocol. In other words, there should be https at the beginning of the address.

– Before entering the information, make sure there is a golden lock at the top right of your web browser page. If you do not see this lock, do not enter your card information.

– Be sure to use the available virtual keyboard to enter your card information.

Send order
1- How long does it take to receive my order after I have registered it?

Order arrival time varies according to factors such as location and order delivery. For more information on this, you can refer to the submission methods page.

2- Can I receive my order in person by visiting Nourani’ online store?

Since Nourani’ is an online clothing store and one of its goals is that you no longer have to travel within the city to shop and make the best use of your time, so we take your order to a place that You have given the address and we will deliver it in person at Nooraniz store We do not have Nourani’s.

Shop without wasting time!

3- How much does it cost to send an order?

The cost of sending the order varies according to the ordered product, its delivery address and shipping method, which is informed to dear customers in the shopping cart form.

4- Why despite the express delivery of light | I have selected Nourani’s, is there a shipping fee for it?

Currently, free delivery only includes orders with delivery address in Tehran and some other cities with a purchase value of more than one hundred thousand tomans.

5- Can I receive my order on the desired day and time?

No, this is not possible at the moment.

If you have chosen to send express, you will be offered several time intervals from which you can choose one of them.

Delivery time for shipments outside of Tehran varies according to the place of delivery of the order, usually after delivery to the post office, depending on the geographical range, it takes between 24 to 72 hours to receive the order, but the exact time can not be determined .

Nooraniz Store Nourani’s has done its best to satisfy your fashion and clothing lovers and get the orders you want, but for various reasons such as delivery schedule and traffic problems, the promise of delivery on time Definite is not possible for Nourani’!

Our goal is always to satisfy you!

6- When are the orders delivered to the post office?

All customer orders, after the processing process, daily delivery to the post office located at the place of processing orders Nooraniz store | They become Nourani’s.

7- Can I track the order that the vanguard post has?

Yes, you can enter the 10 or 20 digit number of the posted shipment at the following address and track your order.

8- What are the scope of express delivery in Tehran?

Currently, only orders that are in the following areas in Tehran can be sent by courier Nourani’ online store, and other areas will be sent by Pishtaz post:

From the east:

Up to three test routes (after the three test routes, if the address is not from Damavand Street, such as addresses to Hakimieh and Hakimieh itself, it is possible to send by courier)

From the west:

Hemmat Highway (District 22) to Bagheri Town, Azadshahr and Peykanshahr

Up to 14 km of Karaj special road and old Karaj road

From the south:

Up to Azadegan Highway, with the exception of Shahreri and Dolatabad, which can be sent by courier to these two areas.

From Khavaran to Moshiria town (it is possible to send by courier to Moshiria town)

Areas of Behesht Zahra, Baqershahr, Vavan, refineries, power plants, Ghiamdasht, Abbasabad industrial town are not within the scope of courier delivery.

after sales service
1- How many days is it possible to return the goods?

You have 7 days to return the delivered goods. If it is more than 7 days, it is not possible to deliver the goods by Nooraniz online store Nourani’s does not exist.

2- Can all goods be returned within 7 days?

No, some items such as cosmetics, baby clothes and underwear cannot be exchanged or returned due to hygiene. For more detailed information about the goods that can not be returned and how to return and the terms of use of the 7-day replacement period, please read the page of return procedures carefully.

3- What should I do if the product I received differed from what I saw or ordered on the site?

If you see any discrepancies, please notify the after-sales service. To do this, you can use the communication channels listed on the Contact Us page.

For more information on after-sales service terms, refer to the Return Procedures page.

4- What should I do if the product I bought had a defect, scratch or damage or its size was not suitable?

Please be sure to read the return procedures page carefully, where all these items are written in full detail. You can also contact the after-sales service experts of Nourani’ store using the communication channels listed on the Contact Us page, they will guide you.