The rules of the store are set in order to protect the rights of the buyer and the seller, and it is mandatory for both parties to the transaction to observe and pay attention to it. Membership in the site or purchase from it means studying and accepting the terms of purchase and membership and the relevant laws and regulations.

Article 1 – Membership in the site: To purchase on the site, people need to fill out the membership form completely and accurately and with the correct information. After joining the site, users can make their purchases and register their orders.

Note 1) The user must declare the requested postal information correctly in the registration form and the responsibility for any discrepancies in the above specifications with the real identity of the member is on the individuals themselves and the store has no responsibility for possible discrepancies. The accuracy of this information is important because the user’s orders will be sent to the address stated in the registration form.

Note 2) The user should not leave statements on the site (comments and suggestions) or take any action that indicates a violation of the rights of other persons or lead to criminal action. Also, discussions and comments unrelated to the site will not be published. If any of the users do not comply with this article, they will be deprived of cooperation with the store and full settlement will be done immediately if the parties owe each other.

Article 2 – Order Registration: The rules of online shopping are updated from the store and dear buyers are obliged to be aware of all the new rules in this section before registering any order.

Note 1) Care in purchasing the goods and paying attention to the specifications of the ordered goods is the responsibility of the buyer, so check the items carefully before confirming the order. Also, before receiving the goods, make sure that the sent goods are correct and in case of any problem, contact the support numbers of the site.

Note 2) The prices of the products available on the website are up-to-date and the price specified in the pre-invoice when the customer orders is valid.

Note 3) After each order registration in the system, email and SMS confirming the order registration will be sent to customers along with the invoice number.

Note 4) After registering each order, if necessary, during a telephone call with the customer, the accuracy and confirmation of the order will be taken from him. Therefore, please enter your contact number information correctly in the relevant forms and avoid registering unrealistic orders.

Article 3 – Payment: Receipt of the amount of registered orders is done through online payment and on-site payment (only for Tehran customers).

Note 1) At present, no tax is calculated as VAT and the buyer pays only the price of the purchased goods without tax.

Article 4 – Sending orders: orders registered on the website of Nouraniz store | NURANIZ will be ready to send and deliver mail after customer confirmation.

Note 1) All orders with a purchase amount above 300 thousand Tomans in Tehran will be sent free of charge and in purchases less than 100 thousand Tomans, with a cost of 10,000 Tomans.

Note 2) If the order is from the city, it can only be paid online and it will be delivered on the same working day or the next working day. It should be noted that any delays and shortcomings on the part of the postal company in sending the order can be followed up.

Customers can also follow the process of sending the order on the post office of the Islamic Republic of Iran through the tracking code of the shipment registered in their account.

Note 3) Tehran orders are sent by courier partners on the day and time period specified by the customer. If for any reason the customer can not receive the order, the support partners will contact the customer to coordinate the next shipment time and also the cost of resending for the second time is the responsibility of the customer.

Article 5 – Change of order: Nouraniz store | NURANIZ exchanges orders under specified rules.

Note 1) The city orders are sent by the Islamic Republic Post Company, if the customer can not receive the order for any reason, it will be returned and the support partners will contact the customer to coordinate the resending of the order and the cost of resending the customer for the second time. is.

Note 2) Products as accessories, personal electrical appliances can not be replaced under any circumstances due to health issues.

Note 3) The exchange of goods will be done only in the condition that the delivered product remains completely healthy, does not smell of perfume or body and there is a product tag on the product, also completely in the package of Renovaraniz | NURANIZ is located.

Note 4) In case of any possible discrepancy between the purchased goods which is available in the customer and store invoice and the product that is sent to the user, after confirming the issue, all shipping and exchange costs are the responsibility of the store and the store returns and exchanges orders. The above is committed.

Note 5) If you want to replace the products that were prepared during the auction, note that the price considered for receiving other goods is the same as the price paid at the time of the auction.

Note 6) If you have a request to exchange goods, which have gift goods, in case of using gift goods or non-compliance with the terms of return of goods, the amount of gift goods will be deducted from the total amount.

Note 7) The products sold in the protective pack, due to hygienic points and direct contact with the skin, have no replacement.

Note 8) Substitute factors are not interchangeable

Article 6 – Delivery of the order: The recipient of the goods or their representative (by presenting an ID card) must be at the time of delivery of the goods in the place whose address is in the form of information related to online order registration